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Hall of Fame Tennis Coach and world-famous Life Coach. Nick’s greatest contribution and his legacy is THE BOLLETTIERI METHOD for achieving championship performance in every walk of life.

Nick Bollettieri | Bollettieri Method

The Bollettieri Method Works!

Nick’s method is instrumental in the success of doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and business people in all walks of life. His insights are recognized by major organizations around the world.

When you apply The Bollettieri Method to your self-development, you will increase your performance through exercises in Self-Evaluation, Self-Awareness, and a host of other qualities. In addition, you will gain true insight and learn ways to challenge yourself while reaching your goals.

As part of Nick's ongoing legacy, he wants everyone to benefit from his proven process. As a special gift to you for just showing interest in investing in yourself, Nick wants to provide you with a complimentary course that will help you get started with your Self Discovery. Simply complete the "Get Started!" form and begin your journey.


The secret to being the best coach in the world is understanding the students in front of you… it’s not only about teaching to hit a ball, but helping people in every walk of life 24-7-365.
- Nick Bollettieri

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8 Courses ~ 1 METHOD

The Bollettieri Method's online platform allows people located anywhere in the world to benefit from Nick's experience and guidance. We understand that professionals are often on the go and might only be able to find 30 minutes to an hour of self-development time by using a smartphone or tablet. Accordingly, the mobile-friendly eLearning portal allows participants to learn anywhere and anytime. Even the supplemental materials have been uploaded to the cloud for easy access.


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Nuts & Bolts of the Bollettieri Method

  1. The first obstacle keeping you from reaching your potential is lack of direction and confusion. The solution? Personal awareness. Developing an understanding of your strong points, limitations, and the qualities you must develop to reach your objective.
  2. The next obstacle along the way to greatness is burnout. People start with great excitement and enthusiasm and gradually lose it. The answer? You will learn to motivate yourself, as opposed to relying on others to keep you motivated. How do you accomplish this self-motivation? Just as the champions did, Nick will guide and direct you as you identify and come to know exactly what you want to accomplish. Even more crucial, you will gain clarity about exactly why you want to accomplish that objective.
  3. The next obstacle you will meet on your path to greatness is fear. Old feelings of inadequacy come to the surface. The great competition at the top levels can easily intimidate even the great players. This is crucial. The Bollettieri method solution? Self-confidence. Just as the champions did, you will develop the belief – no, the knowledge that you can execute effectively and perform well against even the best competition.
  4. No matter the field of play, to reach the very top and to be the very best we can be, none of us can afford to waste time, to lose control of our schedule and to sink into apathy. Nick learned to develop the great performers by helping them achieve SELF DISCIPLINE. His solution? To develop concentration and perseverance through thorough preparation. You will learn to create your game plan to reach your objective and achieve your success, and you will learn what all great champions must learn. To follow through on that game plan.
  5. We’ve all seen it over and over. A great player, a potentially terrific executive. She showed such promise but managed to eventually sink her own boat, through self-centeredness, and lack of respect for her team. Greatness is seldom accomplished alone. Whether in tennis or in business, world-class performance requires a great team forged from quality people, quality experiences and is based on cooperation and respect. You are born with this quality. We develop it right here under Nick’s guidance.
  6. The one obstacle holding back more potential champions in every walk of life than any other, often resulting in the kind of self-destructive, runaway-ego discussed in number five, above, is the emergence from deep within, of negativism and a deep-seated poor opinion of one’s self. The solution? SELF ESTEEM. Nick Bollettieri spent decades learning to help his students learn to value themselves. You are a unique and worthwhile person, and seeing yourself that way will enhance your enjoyment of everything you do in life, and will clear the way for world-class success.
  7. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Nick Bollettieri learned early that becoming great isn’t enough. For sustained greatness, he learned to help develop the skill in his students, of using information about their constantly improving performance to vanquish the complacency, stagnation that often set in and once singularly promising careers in every walk of life.

As a young man, Nick Bollettieri served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Paratroopers, and much of the discipline, self-awareness, commitment, self-motivation, and the winning attitude that are Mr. Bollettieri’s gift to the thousands whose lives he has helped to transform started with that service.

At 85 years old, Nick is still going strong, rising at 4:20 am every morning to get to the gym by 5:00 am. He starts coaching at 5:30 am, stopping only for a quick lunch before finishing his last lesson at 7:00 p.m.

He is again traveling 250,000 miles a year, around the U.S. and internationally conducting clinics, making appearances, and giving motivational speeches for all audiences.

This Interactive Course, THE BOLLETTIERI METHOD, is his legacy – his gift to all of us. It is exactly the mental game he has taught to thousands of champions in every walk of life, including ten WORLD CHAMPION tennis players and countless top level professional players.

Refund Policy: Student shall have the right to withdraw from the training program without any penalty:

  1. If within three (3) days from the date of Students first payment towards taking the class, student notifies Bollettieri Method in writing their desire to withdraw from the class and the notice itself was received Bollettieri Method more than three(3)days prior to the initially scheduled start date for the student course, and the student has not accessed Bollettieri Method on line classes, programs or services noted on this agreement. Bollettieri Method will issue a full refund within 30 days from the date of notice, in the amount actually paid to Bollettieri Method by student provided all training materials have been returned in undamaged and unopened condition. Alternatively
  2. At the sole discretion of Bollettieri Media managers exceptions are made.

In all other events, no refunds will be made.

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